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Offering therapy to the families of North Mississippi and beyond. We are here to support, encourage, and celebrate every mind.


Each child's future is full of hope.

Our trained staff targets each child’s unique challenges, helping them learn the skills necessary for a meaningful and independent life.

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The parent-child relationship is a life-long journey of learning and training. That’s why we offer parents an opportunity to participate in parent training. By providing tools and strategies, our programs empower parents and allow their children the opportunity to thrive in their environment.


You are not alone in this journey, and these resources are here to connect you to the information and tools you need.

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"I didn’t think I’d ever hear my child say “Mommy” or “I love you.” He’s been going to ACNM for a year. Not only have I heard him say those words, but I’ve heard him say his colors, numbers, every animal imaginable, and he is a completely different child. He is the happiest version of himself because of his RBTs and BCBAs. They are truly like part of the family."

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