Collin's Story


Collin was diagnosed with Autism just before his 4th birthday, and it completely turned my world upside down. Utter devastation is putting it mildly. I had to mourn the child I thought I had, all while embracing who he is at the same time. Those were some of the most difficult times, because I knew nothing about Autism. Collin has always been able to somewhat communicate verbally, but he had some other areas that needed support. I knew I had to get him the help he needed.

After every storm comes a rainbow, and our rainbow was the Autism Center. Shortly after receiving his diagnosis, Collin started ABA therapy at the Autism Center. The therapists created a plan of objectives suited just for him, and he quickly started mastering them one by one. What started out as a daunting diagnosis turned into one of my greatest blessings. I will never forget the day he walked up to me and said, “I’m hungry,” because he finally knew what those words meant, and he could place them with what and how he was feeling. My world was right side up again. The Autism Center always walked by my side, and I never felt like I was alone in navigating this disorder.

Collin received ABA therapy at the Autism Center for three years, and it was so sad leaving on his last day. I felt like we were leaving a piece of our hearts behind. Collin left with more confidence in himself because he was able to achieve so much more, and along the way, I learned some tools and ways to help him keep that confidence up. Instead of worry and dread of what the future might look like, we are able to meet it head-on, ready to conquer what lies ahead!

-Courtney Box

*This testimonial was unpaid and unsolicited. This was the experience of one family who does not currently attend the Autism Center and are not a reflection of all families who attend. Individual results may vary.